Wednesday, September 12, 2012

School. What if it was different?

School. What if it was different? Would kids still attend or would they drop out? Would more students be the worlds next Einstein?

If school was different I feel that kids might like school more. To students now, everyday at school feels like you're doing the same thing over and over again and it will never end till the day you die. Since Its hard for me to imagine school the be any different. I have gone to two different schools that taught absolutely different and I feel that both schools have taught me different things but I have never really enjoyed school and "stored" the knowledge in my mind which was supposed to help me later on in life.  Both schools taught to do my homework, act like an adult in school and mostly be nice and respect of others but I don't think that teachers will not teach that when and if schools change but the guidelines I grew up with have changed a lot. I have learned everything I know from textbooks and my teachers.

If school changed it would be difficult for me to change because I have gotten in the "school form" and that's how I have always been taught. There are some things that need to grow or change for schools to begin to change like technology. Technology has to continue growing so schools can change. I'm not sure how school will change but the growth of technology will definitely have a large part in it. Is it good that technology is growing so much that it might change schools? I'm not sure. On one side it is great that technology has the power to change schools but on the other side its not good. Its great because some students that don't learn well from teachers or in a classroom, they could get the education and knowledge that they need and deserve. Also it's great for students that don't take test well could take it online and go as slow and careful as they need. It could be a student pace class like Web 2.0 with Mr. Steele-Maley. It wouldn't be great because the more technology grows the less the need for hardcover books will there be. Even now textbooks and hardcover books are being used less and less because one could get it online. For those students that don't learn well online then that wouldn't be great. Its the total opposite of the students that don't learn well from teachers.

 I would love to see a glass-classroom that Microsoft has envisioned, that could be used around the world where students could learn about other places in the world from someone that lives there instead of learning about it from a text book. So students can have that one to one connection along side technology. Schools will have to change but not anytime soon.I'm not sure what it will look like. I'm not sure if its good for a school to change or not? I'll never know until the time comes. So I'll just have to wait.



  1. This is an insightful post....I am fascinated by how you vacillate on the topic of school change. It is the only thing you have known and this comes out in your post as does your understanding that computers can change education. What I didn't read was what you might envision as a learning environment that would work do you learn best? What do you enjoy doing? Why should you be the central figure in your education? Defining/dreaming about these things might make learning in your future easier and more customized to you.

  2. What I envision as a learning environment that would work better for schools would be to have each class be student pace. Like Web 2.0. Its up to the student on how fast or slow the course goes. I feel that if each class is student paced then students could have a better understanding for that subject. For example in Web 2.0 it is student paced but there is a deadline so we have some what of a time period. How I learn best is by having that one-on-one with teachers and then hands on work. It helps me get the information and then a way to remember that information instead of just having a teacher make a speech and the student having a take notes. Its hard for me to learn from a teacher making a speech. The student should be the central figure in their education because the student is the one that is being taught and that is taking in that information. Even now some classes and schools are student central figured. Teachers and students are both going for the same goal but at different paces which makes it very difficult for either side to learn and grow.