Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why Teaching?

Teaching. Why do I want to teach? What does teaching do for me? How will teaching help me in my life?

Why I want to teach is because I want to be able to say I helped grow and change the next generation. It sounds weird but I want to make a difference in school. Students always complain about the teachers and the teachers always complain about the teachers. That will never change but I feel like if teachers AND students change then there will be nothing to complain about and I feel I can do something to help both side to change.

Students always say that they learn best from this teacher and don’t learn anything from that teacher but what if each teacher had both inside of them? Students also say that they learn this way and not that way. Do teachers really try and help all of their students learn and understand what is being taught? Do teachers favor certain learning styles? I don’t know if teachers favor certain learning styles but being a senior in highschool, I have seen different teachers do different things. I had this one teacher that would take the time out of his life and make sure that each one of his students fully understood the lesson, even if that meant taking 2 every day to stay after school and teach the student one-on-one. I learned so much from that teacher because he didn’t just care about getting through the lessons. He cared about the student and how much they took in and how much stook. I feel that teachers that teach like this is the best way but some teachers don’t care like he does. Most teachers just teach the lesson and HOPE that each student got it and then they move on to the next lesson. Teachers are teaching lesson to lesson, not lesson and student. I also once had this teacher that would just suspect that each student understood what she was talking about in class. But what teachers don’t really see is that students may say that they get it in class but on the inside they are screaming because they don’t get it and their lost. Each teacher has their own style of teaching but I feel the best way for students to learn is that one-on-one teacher student relationship. 

There is so much about teaching I don’t know about. I feel if I make this may PLN project that I will learn more about it and it will be something that I will really want to become and have this as a career for the rest of my life. At the same time I feel if I do make this my PLN project I will find out that this is something that I don’t want to be or have for a career for the rest of my life but at the same time I can always change my career. My career isn’t set in stone. Its up to me to find out what I love and what I want to do. I have always wanted to be a teacher but at the same time I love animals so it makes it very difficult to pick a topic to go to.

When I teach students in my classes that don’t understand and the teacher doesn’t take the time to go around and help, it makes me feel like I’m making a difference. I feel I am giving that student so hope that they will understand it and become MASTERS at it! Teaching those students that don’t understand make me feel great! I love helping little kids understand something easier. Like if its telling time and I teach them a different way to remember it then the way everybody else does, it makes me feel amazing because that little kid knows a different way from everybody else to tell time and they can tell their friends so they know that way too! Even though its very small, I can tell that I am making a difference in the students and little kids around me. It makes me feel like I am doing something important with my life and not just wasting it away.

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